Separator //

Album label: 
Release date: 
Artwork design: 
Fredrik Hurtig
Executive producer: 
Patric Thorman, Joakim Simonsson
Mastering engineer: 
Giuseppe Lelasi
Mixing engineer: 
Giuseppe Lelasi
David Stackenäs
Recording engineer: 
Daniel Carlsson
  • 1. Sounder (04:55)
  • 2. Standard Operation Procedure (13:48)
  • 3. Y Ya El Malo (03:05)
  • 4. Notholm (05:41)
  • 5. Akshun Jaction (05:27)
  • 6. Separator (09:58)
  • 7. Theofron (03:51)

David Stackenäs is one of Sweden’s more qualified improvising musicians and has recorded plenty of records with different collaborators all over the world. But he has also dedicated himself to solo playing over a long period of time – to investigate new sounding worlds of guitar generated by electronic devices. Stackenäs solo debut The Guitar was released on the Häpna label in 2000.