Luminos //

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Monday, January 5, 2015
  • 1. Luminos Sky (12:46)
  • 2. Luminos Cloud (11:14)
  • 3. Luminos Night (24:04)
  • 4. Luminos Light (07:30)

Josh Ison - tenor saxophone
Dan Banks - piano
Jose Canha - double bass
Trevor Taylor - drums, percussion

"The Luminos Quartet is a new project for 2019 and features Josh Ison (sax), José Canha (double bass), Dan Banks (piano), and Trevor Taylor (drums). The quartet explores the intersection between freely improvised music and free-jazz, utilising the full range of sonic possibilities, and in so doing producing a kaleidoscope of moods and soundscapes, with moments of gentle delicacy and sublimity to flashes of sheer luminosity and incendiary energy. The resultant music is organic, experiential, and highly interactive, providing the listener with a highly expansive and profoundly moving musical experience."-Dan Banks website