Switches and Hose //

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Recording date: 
Wednesday, January 1, 2014
Jim Denley, Monica Brooks, Anthony Magen, Peter Fraser, Mas Bowo, fcac, Swerve Harris, the instrument builders project, friends and family.
Artwork design: 
Clare Cooper
Executive producer: 
Jim Denley
Mastering engineer: 
Jim Denley
Mixing engineer: 
Dale Gorfinkel
Dale Gorfinkel
Recording engineer: 
Dale Gorfinkel
  • 1. switches and hose (09:40)
  • 2. gong cage (06:00)
  • 3. i'm walking in a room with two vibraphones (07:19)
  • 4. Enoggera (08:34)

Dale builds automated sonic contraptions and modifies other instruments, especially the vibraphone and trumpet. He often uses common materials to create unexpected & immersive sonic environments. Some installations seek to reframe technology through the intersection of electro/acoustic and new/old mediums, such as his use of data projectors & spinning styrofoam causing quasi-holograms. Some installations illuminate acoustic phenomena and are effected by solar & wind activity. Many works also welcome a tactile interactivity especially popular with children. Dale has recently been playing around with footpumps, garden irrigation and balloons.