Dragon //

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  • 1. Pitaya (11:17)
  • 2. Pogona (07:14)
  • 3. Draco (07:34)
  • 4. Agamidae (07:50)
  • 5. Dracaena (06:37)
  • 6. Komodo Dragon (04:38)

Legendary West Coast cornetist Bobby Bradford meets two Norwegians - drummer Paal Nilssen-Love and multi-reedist Frode Gjerstad - for a live performance at Klub Dragon in Poland. A free outing, the 6 tracks are relatively short, with "Pitaya" the longest at 11 minutes. The dialog is often quite subtle and well informed, using extended techniques and unusual twists and turns that are fascinating to follow. Which isn't to say that the trio doesn't fire up some serious power playing at points, but these three masters find their true language in intelligent interaction, of which there is no end to in these wonderful recordings. Highly recommended.

Bobby Bradford-cornet
Frode Gjerstad-alto saxophone, Bb clarinet, bass clarinet
Paal Nilssen-Love-drums, percussion

Recorded live on November 11th, 2010 at Klub Dragon, Poznan, Poland by Frode Gjerstad.
Mixed and mastered by Frode Gjerstad