Early Morning Star //

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Scott Lehrer Sound Design
Recording date: 
Tuesday, July 16, 2019
  • 1. A Time of Singing (06:33)
  • 2. Early Morning Star (03:46)
  • 3. Emerge-ency (03:40)
  • 4. Flowing (03:44)
  • 5. For Today (03:59)
  • 6. Friday Song (06:10)
  • 7. Here Now (04:43)
  • 8. Never Ceasing (02:41)
  • 9. Not For Today (07:43)
  • 10. Today Today (05:01)
  • 11. Tzur Mishelo/Los Bibilicos (06:27)

Bob Gluck - piano, composer
Andrea Wolper - voice
Kinan Azmeh - clarinet
Ken Filiano - bass
Tani Tabbal - drums

Recorded July 16, 2019 at Scott Lehrer Sound Design
Sound and mix engineer: Jeff Cook
All compositions by Bob Gluck (copyright 2019), ASCAP except Tzur Mishelo/Los Bibilicos (trad, arr. Bob Gluck)
Lyrics to "Not For Today" by Kyra Gaunt (copyright 2019)
Produced by Produced by Bob Gluck and Trevor Taylor for FMR
Copyright 2020 Robert Gluck and the Research Foundation for State University of New York

Early Morning Star, featuring music composed by pianist Bob Gluck, blends passionate songs of social justice with captivating improvisational interplay. The band's approach balances a love of beautiful melody and sonic innovation, vibrant rhythm, and sparkling chemistry between players. Early Morning Star bridges musical traditions, from Art song to collective improvisation; from Kinan Azmeh's Syrian melodic inflection to the "Creative Music" jazz traditions represented by Tani Tabbal and Ken Filiano; from Andrea Wolper's expressive vocal jazz stylings to Gluck's pianistic virtuosity and love of Jewish liturgical texts. Early Morning Star guides the listener through a panoply of moods, a message of social justice, and a remarkable depth of musicality.

In loving memory of Aileen Gluck.

© 2020 FMR Records FMRDD569