As Nowhere As Anywhere //

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Recording location: 
Recorded July 2005 at Studio Musica Viva, Montepulciano, Italy
Recording date: 
Saturday, July 2, 2005
Mixing engineer: 
Sandor Caron, Frank Crijns and Dirk Bruinsma
Trevor Taylor
  • 1. Bala (05:20)
  • 2. Terim (07:18)
  • 3. Gel Alam (05:39)
  • 4. Sharsadine (09:52)
  • 5. Hara Puyoz (07:01)
  • 6. Neles (05:59)

Dirk Bruinsma - Alto Saxophone, Flute, Electronics
Hans Koch - Bass Clarinet, Soprano Saxophone
Fabrizio Spera - Drums, Percussion
Paed Conca - Electric Bass, Clarinet
Frank Crijns - Electric Guitar, Effects [Devices]
Saadet Türköz - Vocals

Blast’s sixth release in their eighteenth year of existence. The core of the group plays together since 2000 and consists out of Fabrizio Spera (I-drums,percussion), Paed Conca (CH-bass), Frank Crijns (NL-guitar) and Dirk Bruinsma (NL-reeds, flute,electronics). Joined by the Turkish-Kazakh singer Saadet Türköz and the Swiss reed player Hans Koch, on this CD Blast is playing a program of fully improvised music. Saadet's singing is a fusion of modern vocal techniques with elements of the Turkish-Mongolian music tradition. Hans Koch is known for his longstanding work in trio with Koch/Schütz/Studer, and for various international collaborations in the circuit of improvised music. This combination makes an obstinate music with moments of raw expression and refined lyrical quality