sieben mal solo //

Album label: 
Release date: 
Recording location: 
Atelier cri du coeur, Berlin
Recording date: 
Sunday, June 10, 2007
Willehad Grafenhorst, Fine Kwiatkowski, Hannah Markus
Artwork design: 
Axel Haller
Recording engineer: 
Dave Bennett
Recording engineer: 
Henning Röhrborn
  • 1. (introduction) (00:48)
  • 2. klangbrief - one night mein fahrrad the mauer entlang (09:49)
  • 3. pulsphonogramm (07:31)
  • 4. ürnotö (10:17)
  • 5. l.k.w. (09:47)
  • 6. evolute (07:20)
  • 7. metamorphosis (07:31)
  • 8. zopilote (08:26)

Solo Sets by:

Dave Bennett (Berlin) - ogrephonique
Lars Scherzberg (Hamburg) - alto saxophone
Axel Haller (Berlin) - electric bass
Paul Hubweber (Cologne) - trombone
Ute Völker (Wuppertal) - accordion
Sabine Vogel (Potsdam) - bass flute, live electronics, samples
Christian Marien (Berlin) - drums

In June 2007, schraum invited seven musicians to perform solosets before a very interested audience. The audience experienced a broad variety of performance practice and extended technique: some instruments primarily acoustic in nature, some electronically amplified, processed and mutated and some interestingly diverse objects used in an ogrephonique way. The intimate atmosphere during the recording-sessions was enjoyed by schraum and the musicians and allowed for everybody to get to know each other and exchange ideas and talk about music and art. On both nights, the group ate and drank together in the performance space, which brought a sense of coming together and a defining of the space for themselves, both collectively and singularly. This aspect of the project can be heard in every piece, if you listen closely enough.

"This is one of the best "various artists" album that I came across in recent times; tracks that might be classified as under average are absent, several of them being quite beautiful instead. Dave Bennett opens with a "ogrephonique" patchwork which indeed sounds like a cross of neo-folkish lute music and factory noise. Lars Scherzberg executes a coherent and lively improvisation for alto sax, bodily and airy at the same time, while Axel Haller mostly wanders around the drone territory with the e-bass. Paul Hubweber's trombone needs no introduction here, his chattering style always funny to hear - and what a technique. Ute Völker squeezes and hits her accordion in a muscularly dissonant piece; Sabine Vogel confirms a major inventiveness with a creation for bass flute and electronics that mixes alien birds and reminiscences from desolate settings. Christian Marien seals the disc via a concentrated percussive elaboration, every element perfectly disposed in regulated freedom. There is no necessity of recurring to special effects or bell-and-whistle pyrotechnics to guarantee a hour of pleasurable listening, and this CD really deserves attention - both as a release in itself and as an excellent calling card for deepening the knowledge of the featured musicians' output."

Touching Extremes (Italy)