Begehren //

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Wednesday, January 15, 2003
Barbara Fränzen, Peter Oswald
  • 1. I. Szene (09:52)
  • 2. II. Szene (08:28)
  • 3. III. Szene (10:15)
  • 4. IV. Szene (13:33)
  • 5. V. Szene (06:07)
  • 6. VI. Szene (07:42)
  • 7. VII. Szene (05:44)
  • 8. VIII. Szene (06:29)
  • 9. IX. Szene (05:00)
  • 10. X. Szene (13:56)

Beat Furrer / Petra Hoffman / Johann Leutgeb / Vokalensemble Nova / Ensemble Recherche

Two figures, a man and a woman. Nameless protagonists. Not a couple, much more passersby in a contemporary world of passageways, at the horizons of which mythical images from the story of Orpheus and Eurydice shimmer through. The entrance to Hades. The forbidden glance. The wrong move. Two figures, then: divided/united in search of their (mutual?) lost time, history and experience. Two attempts to look behind existence. Two attempts, through memory and repetition, to discover anew forgotten utopias in the light of desire. A hope which remains unfulfilled to the last. Vain parallel actions in the shadow of isolation. (Self-)encounters do not happen. What remains is the darkness of (un)lived moments. And the form of the question: is there a way out of this solitary path? Through desire? ....
(Wolfgang Hofer)

“Beat Furrer has created a most extraordinary piece of music theatre, ground-breaking in its slow-moving vibrant complexity. Begehren is a work of stunning beauty and tantalising psychological depth, exploring feelings of striving and loss, delving close to the abyss of knowingness, the "Styx" of separation from comprehension and the unknowable, the unreachable. It is open ended yet held in balance between form and content by the movements orchestrated and integrated upon Hadid's set which alludes to a here and nowhere, a perceived and intimated world...
This DVD is a major landmark which should be considered seriously by anyone interested in the meaningful possibilities of contemporary music theatre.”
(Andrew Clements, The Guardian, 2008)