Organ Safari Lituanica //

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Recording date: 
Wednesday, July 1, 2015
Artwork design: 
Ilia Belorukov
Artwork design: 
Arturas Bumšteinas
Mikhail Ershov
Ilia Belorukov
Recording engineer: 
Paul Paulun
  • 1. 31:51 (31:51)
  • 2. 15:28 (15:28)
  • 3. 25:46 (25:46)

Konstantin Samolovov - selected drums, objects, radio, voice recorder
Alexey Sysoev - no input mixing board, max/msp, ableton live

We are happy to introduce you Arturas Bumšteinas, a composer from Lithuania! This is our second collaboration with him since he participated in the making of our first release Wozzeck "Act III: Comics". A new Arturas’ solo release continues his series of organ works. During Summer 2015 he has visited 20 Lithuanian cities with Gailė Griciūtė who improvised on a church organ. Arturas has written 3 compositions based on the recorded material where he researched sound details and specificities of different organs along with their sound in the space.