Draumkvedet //

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Saturday, January 1, 2000
  • 1. Påkalling / Summoning (09:50)
  • 2. Framfor Kyrkjeporten / In Front Of The Church Door (02:38)
  • 3. I Kyrkja / In The Church (14:13)
  • 4. I Auroheimen / In The Other Home (06:09)
  • 5. Englemøte / Meeting The Angels (06:48)
  • 6. Gjallarbrui / Gjallar Bridge (12:51)
  • 7. På Veg / On The Way (05:25)
  • 8. I Pilegrims-Kyrkja / In The Pilgrim Church (04:32)
  • 9. Grutte Gråskjegg (02:12)
  • 10. Straffene / The Sentences (03:23)
  • 11. Ljos I Mørkret / Light In The Darkness (02:50)
  • 12. Sjelenes Samlingsstad / Praising Of Souls (06:24)
  • 13. Sæleprisinga / Praising Of Souls (04:35)
  • 14. Draumar Mange / Dreams Many (06:42)

Transcending the framework - the sound of Nordheim

In his music to The Dream Ballad composer Arne Nordheim draws on sources of text and music dating back to mediaeval times. Nordheim re-interprets the visionary dream of the ballad, fusing the traditional Dream Ballad with his own acoustic and electric musical idiom. The apocalyptic vision Olav Åsteson had in his long sleep is brought almost frighteningly near us by Arne Nordheim. This release also marks the 75th anniversary of a major creative force in European modern music.

Nordheim makes use of folk music not just as quotations, but has constructed all his music to Draumkvedet around sounds and intervals arising from it. Singers perform in both within the classical idiom, and outside it! When challenging singers to transcend what they can control, Nordheim achieves a unique form of expression - listen for instance to the immediate, eruptive expression of Unni Løvlid. 50 years after his debut Nordheim lets his trademarks of orchestral colour, electronic music, textual focus and the polarization between light and darkness come together in the great, epic work The Dream Ballad.