There Are Other Possibilities //

Release date: 
Recording location: 
Aro Valley, Wellington, New Zealand
Recording date: 
Saturday, February 1, 2014
Artwork design: 
Olivia Webb / Antony Milton
Mastering engineer: 
Antony Milton
Antony Milton
  • 1. Fallen Heart (06:27)
  • 2. River of Stars (05:19)
  • 3. Battery Pack (03:46)
  • 4. Surface Sign (06:04)
  • 5. Flower Show (07:54)
  • 6. There Are Other Possibilities (13:59)

End of the Alphabet's first full album release - the legendary Antony Milton. Antony has been releasing beautiful and mysterious music since the mid 1990s and is an essential figure in the New Zealand experimental scene. "There Are Other Possibilities" is a gorgeously rich work of psych-noise that shows that Antony is at the top of his game.

Volcanic Tongue: "Stunning edition of only 50 copies full-length album from central New Zealand underground player Antony Milton: this is a beauty, with Milton playing weird, almost Silver Apples/Sunroof-styled two/three chord electro thug over which he layers great rusty stratas of circling drone tone and micro-euphorics, building the kinda precariously beautiful structures of a Grouper or even a Nijiumu. Elsewhere the guitar is set to meltdown, with the kind of free-floating eternal space blues of an Ohkami No Jikan or a heavy tonefloat Fushitsusha session, with each note floating like a feather into the void. Totally fantastic, very highly recommended!"