Rotonda //

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Recording location: 
Recording date: 
Thursday, November 21, 2013
Artwork design: 
Ilia Belorukov
Mastering engineer: 
Ilia Belorukov
Mixing engineer: 
Ilia Belorukov
Mikhail Ershov
Ilia Belorukov
Recording engineer: 
Ilia Belorukov
  • 1. Rotonda (37:26)

Intonema expands its catalogue with a Russian musician Andrey Popovskiy. His debut solo album was recorded in the rotunda of the Mayakovsky Library in St. Petersburg, a space with special acoustics and demands to a musician where a tiny sound of any object ends in a very long reverberation. Andrey researched the acoustic properties of the space in advance and built his improvised set on their basis, working with a miniature sound and silence as well as a listener's sound perception.

Andrey Popovskiy: lap steel guitar, objects, electronics