Precipitation //

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Release date: 
Recording date: 
Wednesday, April 1, 2020
Mixing engineer: 
Gunnar Backman
  • 1. FOREMOST (02:22)
  • 3. EXPERIENCES (01:35)
  • 4. SNOWMELT (04:25)
  • 5. PRECIPITATION (03:13)
  • 6. FIRN (03:16)
  • 7. DURING THIS TIME (02:11)
  • 8. MEANDER (04:10)

Anders Berg - bass
Gunnar Backman - guitar

Bassist Anders Berg and guitarist Gunnar Backman started their musical collaboration 13 years ago in the trio Wonka where Henrik Wartel played the drums.

The trio’s seven active years brought gigs in the US and several European venues as well as several studio and live releases. Among them is Wonka Live at the Eyedrum Atlanta GA.

On the duo album Precipitation, Gunnar and Anders keep true to the concept of collective improvisation. Those who have followed the two players will, however, appreciate the strong expressiveness of Berg’s rare acoustic bass playing as well as Backman’s non-compromising morphed/overdriven electric guitar.

Anders Berg - bass
Gunnar Backman - guitar
released April 29, 2020

Mixed and mastered by Gunnar Backman