pole of inaccessibility //

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Recording date: 
Saturday, March 5, 2016
Mixing engineer: 
andreas söderström
Recording engineer: 
zebastian swartz
  • 1. pole of inaccessibility I (41:11)
  • 2. pole of inaccessibility II (58:11)

Alex Zethson - piano, korg ms20

pole of inaccessibility consists of my current so called solo work, with grand piano and korg ms20. a main focus is on affirming the influence of non-human agencies in the development of the realtime composition. inspired by posthumanist theories, this record materializes a music-making with the aim to highlight how seemingly separated ideas, materials, bodies, and concepts in fact are entangled in each other. this entanglement means that music-making practices – as playing, thinking and listening – always are political and ethical events, where everyone and everything involved, both affects and are affected.

the music is generated by the conventional connections fingers-keys-hammers-strings. however, the piano of pole of inaccessibility appears as a multifaceted sound source, rather than as a distinct, exterior instrument, easily identified. the synthesizer, piano and the listeners are moving within the same cloud of sound, within which they reshape and expand the sounds in the specific (sound)rooms. which also means that their boundaries seems flexible. the pianoness of the piano appears and disappears.

pole of inaccessibility is what it does, how it is heard, experienced. and it can serve many functions, it can be detailed-listened to, but it can also be used as a coulisse or as a soundtrack.

- alex zethson, november 2016.