Album label: 
Release date: 
Recording date: 
Tuesday, September 16, 2014
Mastering technician: 
Kassian Troyer
Mixing technician: 
Alessandra Eramo and Wendelin Büchler
Recording technician: 
Alessandra Eramo
Artwork design: 
Alessandra Eramo
  • 1. scoppi, gorgoglii, scricchiolii, ronzii (03:29)
  • 2. crepitii, stridori, borbottii, fruscii (03:30)

Alessandra Eramo: Voice, Electronics

This composition is a vocal interpretation of a selection of eight onomatopoeic words taken from Luigi Russolo's manifesto of futurist music The Art of Noises, written in 1913.
The cover artwork shows a detail from "Sibili" (2014), a large format drawing as graphic transcription and gestural interpretation of the onomatopoeic word.

The recording is part of the performance "ROARS BANGS BOOMS - 7 Variations for Voice and Onomatopoeia (2013/2014)

"Thunder, Whistles, Booms, Grumbles, Snorts... These onomatopoeic words recall the different sounds of the modern industrial landscape. As part of the Manifesto of Futurist Music The Art of Noises by Luigi Russolo, they are the starting point of this performance work. 101 years after Russolo's Manifesto, I have written seven variations for human voice in which noise not only becomes a leitmotiv, but also turns into musical material itself. I embody these noises. I hear them, I perceive them as urban soundscapes of the present. I transcribe these sounds in drawing and interpret them with my voice and with my body in order to reveal their beauty, while playing with the expectation and imagination of the audience."
Alessandra Eramo

Originally released as 7''
Limited Edition of 150 hand numbered copies.