Out And Out //

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track 1: The Lamp Tavern, Birmingham 6/10/2009 track 2: The Gregson Center, Lancaster 4/10/2009, tracks 3, 4, 5 and 6: the Harwich Festival, at The Samuel Pepys 3/7/2014, tracks 7 and 8 recorded at Klinker Club, London 15/4/2016
Recording date: 
Friday, April 15, 2016
Recording engineer: 
Dave Tucker, Phillip Marks
  • 1. Peas And Quiet (10:54)
  • 2. A Dog Called Sooner (04:05)
  • 3. Harwich End (11:40)
  • 4. The Four Graces (03:24)
  • 5. Very Fetching (04:44)
  • 6. Call It What You Want (05:28)
  • 7. .................... And Send It To :- (03:12)
  • 8. "IT Crawled Out Of A Cabbage !" (11:37)

Alan Tomlinson - tenor trombone, alto trombone
Dave Tucker - guitar
Phillip Marks - percussion

Featuring Alan Tomlinson on tenor & alto trombones, Dave Tucker on electric guitar and Phillip Marks on percussion. Although British trombonist Alan Tomlinson is a longtime member of the London Jazz Composers Orchestra, his work with smaller units seems more infrequent. Dave Tucker is another under-recognized UK guitarist who has worked with Evan Parker, John Butcher and Phil Minton. The drummer here, Phillip Marks, is someone with whom I was previously unfamiliar. This disc was recorded live at four concerts in England from 2009 to 2016, so this trio has been working for a while. Since there is no bassist involved, guitarist Dave Tucker, does a fine job of creating assorted textures and drones which float between the trombone and drums, connecting the two. Mr. Tucker uses some Fripp or Frith like sustain at times while Mr. Tomlinson reaches for the skies with quick bursts of trombone flurries. I dig when the pace picks up and the trio start tossing around lines more quickly and intensely. There is a good deal of cross pollination, strong dialogue going on, from brittle to transcendent and often leaving us at the edge of our seats. - Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG