Gawky Stride //

Album label: 
Release date: 
Recording location: 
Studio-Eleven, Hilversum
Recording date: 
Wednesday, February 9, 2011
Artwork design: 
Francesca Patella
Mastering engineer: 
Micha de Kanter
Mixing engineer: 
Micha de Kanter
Ig Henneman
Recording engineer: 
Micha de Kanter
  • 1. Spray of Rooks (06:25)
  • 2. Ochre Verges (06:08)
  • 3. White Scream (02:48)
  • 4. Indigo Weight (04:40)
  • 5. Russet Nouns (03:39)
  • 6. Lace-Rocked Foam (01:42)
  • 7. Toru's Garden (05:06)
  • 8. Gawky Stride (05:12)
  • 9. Bannered Breakers (01:34)
  • 10. Wake up Call (07:41)


Ab Baars - clarinet, tenor saxophone
Wilbert de Joode - contrabass
Martin van Duynhoven - drums

Gawky Stride was released as part of the now sold out 5 CD Box Set ‘Ab Baars Trio 20 years’, a Wig release in limited edition to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Ab Baars Trio.

"Gawky Stride is only available in the box [Ab Baars Trio, 20 Years], but even for fans who already have everything, this CD justifies buying the set. ...The new record (the first of the trio without guests in ten years!) demonstrates where the group now stands, and especially how rich and profound the music has become. It’s also special in that there are two free improvisations, something the trio has never ventured before on recording. ...
Gawky Stride shows that even as a group that’s existed so long, they can still find new ways of making music, and even without guests."
Herman te Loo, Jazzflits

“Although Baars, de Joode and van Duynhoven are consummate improvisers and have between them an exquisite rapport, they had never recorded freely improvised pieces before Gawky Stride, recorded in 2011. Without referring to the set list, it is a bit tricky to determine which two tracks do not have compositional underpinning, given the trio’s innate sense of form after twenty years and Baars’ occasional penchant for obscuring notated materials – frontloading a ferocious bass solo on the intricately constructed “Wake Up Call” being a notable example. There’s a few that can be sorted out quickly, like the two pieces featuring shakuhachi, an instrument for which Baars tends to use fixed materials. But, there are long stretches of the album where the interaction between Baars, de Joode and van Duynhoven is so thoroughly engaging that the listener pays no never-mind as whether there’s a score or not. They’re that good.”
Bill Shoemaker, Point of Departure

"The saxophone playing is by turns tender, warm, sharp, and shrill; in Baars the Low Countries have a very powerful player that ranks among the international heavyweights. His partners in this trio also play at the highest level. Van Duynhoven and De Joode slap and tap, strike and pluck with surgical precision and together create artistic sculptures, or better yet, bring them to life.
'20 Years' is a box full of powerful expressions of glowing creativity!"
-Danny De Bock, Jassepoes

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