submental //

Album label: 
Release date: 
Recording location: 
Tempe Jets
Recording date: 
Thursday, September 27, 2018
to the Splinter Orchetsra
Artwork design: 
Mij Yelned
Mastering engineer: 
Jim Denley
Mixing engineer: 
Jim Denley
Recording engineer: 
  • 1. Scalene (06:25)
  • 2. Equilateral (02:45)
  • 3. Oblique (08:38)
  • 4. Isosceles (15:07)
  • 5. Obtuse (00:40)
  • 6. Acute (03:47)
  • 7. Degenerate (06:32)
  • 8. Equiangular (10:45)

This release sits in a liminal space between music and poetics — but wait, isn’t that a definition of song?
Are these recordings a set of songs? Yeah-Nah Does Amanda sing? Nah-Yeah.
Does Nick play chord sequences? Sorta... naaah Does Jim play melodies? Naaah... yeah
At Splitrec we’ve listened closely to the material and find it extremely difficult to put our finger on what this music is. All 3 performers enter and exit the music with clear and sometimes opposite statements — hence the analogy of triangles.
All opposites unite at the point at which they diverge. Whatever the angle at that divergence, the total angles of the triangle are always 180º.