Inside Out //

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  • 1. Prologue (07:39)
  • 2. Chant (14:23)
  • 3. A leaf falls in loneliness (10:40)
  • 4. Inside Out - concerto for clarinet and orchestra (23:09)

ØRJAN MATRE: Prologue · Chant · A leaf falls in loneliness · Inside Out - concerto for clarinet and orchestra

Rolf Borch, clarinet · Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra · Marius Hesby, trombone · Tora Augestad, vocal · Tanja Orning, cello · Juanjo Mena, conductor

A fascinating double portrait of the young composer Ørjan Matre and the excellent clarinetist Rolf Borch. Matre and Borch explore the clarinet in a variety of settings: all alone, in small chamber settings and finally in a fully fledged concerto with Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra under Juanjo Mena's baton.

This is Matre' first complete album release. It displays his nuanced sense of sound and colour, found both in his solo pieces, chamber music and the orchestral writing. Matre expertly employs twentieth century techniques for moulding acoustic sounds, adding his own personal twist. In Rolf Borch these sounds find a conscientious interpreter. He shapes and communicates the music with a modest self-assuredness that does not intrude upon it.
Monologue and conversation

In Prologue we hear the clarinet on its own. The work is based on material from the solo part of the clarinet concerto, however placed in entirely different surroundings. Runs, trills around tonal centres and multiphonics makes one think of the mechanical repetition and delimited auditory space of electronic music. In Chant the clarinet converses with the trombone. At first tongue-in-cheek and restrained, but slowly developing into something more extrovert and dangerous, even though there is a sense of humour below the surface. A leaf falls in loneliness for clarinet, cello and electronics is inspired by two poems, one by e.e. cummings and a japanese haiku. The music is a series of small situations where the three voices and the tape track gradually are interwoven. All the parts play airy, translucent sounds that are allowed to overlap almost like sheer veils.
"A beautiful parasite"

The title of the work Inside Out perhaps reflects how the composer could be said to redefine the traditional role of the solo instrument in a concerto. Rather than a virtuosic performance in front of, above and outside of the orchestral texture, the clarinet picks up threads and fragments already present in the weave of orchestral instruments, amplifying and emphasizing them either through drawing lines or passing rapidly through harmonic landscapes. All of this requires a sensitive performer who must be an attentive chamber musician and at the same time play with clear articulation in a sound world that is often dynamically subdued. The composer has said that he thought of the clarinet as a parasite on the orchestra - albeit a beautiful one.

Release date: 04.05.2012