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"My playlist was chosen both out of old favourite albums that I’ve heard many times (Nude on Sands, Booklet, Great Waitress, S. Lacy), out of curiosity when browsing around for music I didn’t know in the subradar catalogue (Astro Sonic, A. Nordheim, J. Sligter) and artists whos' work I know from before but albums I didn’t get to hear yet (Sandell trio, C. Wallumrod, I. Zach). So, it turned out to be a quite diverse playlist - for your listening pleasure. Have a great summer everybody."

Photo: Will Schrimshaw

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Paperstone Suite Bonga / Champion / Mwamba
enough still not to know Keith Rowe / John Tilbury
Last Tour Steve Lacy
Frozen Orchestra (Amsterdam) The Pitch
Composition No. 94 For Three Instrumentalists (1980) Anhony Braxton Composition No. 94 For Three Instrumentalists (1980)
In Labour Stine Janvin Motland

Interview with German improviser Peter Brötzmann. Shot before a gig at Kongsberg Jazz Festival.

Subradar meets (#6): Evan Parker | August 2014

Recording and performing prolifically with many collaborators, Parker was a pivotal figure in the development of European free jazz and free improvisation, and has pioneered or substantially expanded an array of extended techniques. Critic Ron Wynn describes Parker as "among Europe's most innovative and intriguing saxophonists ... his solo sax work isn't for the squeamish"

Subradar meets (#5): Michael Duch | July 2014

Duch is a highly generous musician and improvisor. This is equally audible as he moves in the outskirts of reductionism, flirts with noise, engages in the domain of contemporary composition or happily endulges in the joys of free jazz.

Please enjoy this months meet, featuring: Michael Duch

Subradar meets (#4): Kim Myhr | May 2014

Kim Myhr recently released his solo album 'All Your Limbs Singing,' and we're very happy that we can present this interview in which he explains and talks about his influences, musical approach, 4-hour long concerts and, of course, the already mentioned album.

Subradar meets (#3): Ivar Grydeland | April 2014

Research Fellow at The Norwegian State Academy of Music, Ivar Grydeland, talks about his projects, career and musical core values in this video shot in his parents house in April 2014.

He also talks a bit about his new solo record 'Bathymetric Modes' out on Hubro Music now.

Subradar meets (#2): Lasse Marhaug | March 2014

A quiet talk with Norwegian noise-connoisseur Lasse Marhaug.

Here he talks about life, work, career, musical input (and output), and why noise is worth listening to.

A Norwegian drummer with a lot on his plate, talking about influences, influences and career.

Paal also offers some insight on his Large Unit Ensemble, and shares some views on the improv music scene.

Subradar meets (#7):
Peter Brötzmann
Subradar meets (#6):
Evan Parker
Subradar meets (#5):
Michael Duch
Subradar meets (#4):
Kim Myhr
Subradar meets (#3):
Ivar Grydeland
Subradar meets (#2):
Lasse Marhaug
Subradar meets (#1):
Paal Nilssen-Love


24.06 / 2017

Hello all!
We are glad to say that we finally got the first of the new Clean Feed published this week, and more are on the way! We hope to have a steady supply of new releases from Portugal during the summer months.

And finally the first curator for new series of playlists is confirmed. We are thrilled to announce that Swedish improvisor and guitar ace David Stackenäs will be the first one to give you his recommendations:

"My playlist was chosen both out of old favourite albums that I’ve heard many times (Nude on Sands, Booklet, Great Waitress, S. Lacy), out of... read more


13.04 / 2017

Due to travels with bad internet connections and illness, Aprils label of the month is long overdue, we apologize for the inconvenience!

Established in 2000 and based in Oslo, Sofa is one of Norway’s longest running and most credible labels for improvised and experimental music. With a long rooster including several of the most known names on the international improvisation circuit SOFA is still one of the most important outlets for improvised and experimental music in Europe. SOFA is currently run by musicians Martin Taxt, Kim Myhr and Ingar Zach. We had a little chat with Kim... read more


22.05 / 2017

Hello all!

Finally after a long time of going back and forth we are ready to start presenting more music from the vast Clean Feed catalogue. With almost 500 published albums they are one of the most productive outlets of high quality creative creative music in Europe. So we are thrilled that its finally happening!

We are also starting with a new series of curated playlists where we invite different profiles from the improvised music scene to present ten of their favourite tracks as s one month free streaming playlist. The curators will be announced shortly, and will include... read more


12.12 / 2016

The Subradar staff would just like to thank all followers, music lovers and connoisseurs for their interest and support in 2016. We are looking forward to 2017 with plenty of enthusiasm and we hope to spread the word about improvised and experimental music even further. For those of you seeking the christmas spirit, please refer to our Subradar Superdeal campaign when shopping, and we will charge you an additional 20%:) (the staff needs their christmas dinner) Finally we would like to wish everyone a merry christmas!

Best wishes
Subradar staff


25.08 / 2016

The Necks 4-disc live box set "Athenaeum, Homebush", will soon be available. As the only digital outlet for their music, subradar is very happy to present this.

Also Norwegian Label Nakama Records’ are publishing their fifth release. Featuring the violin duo Jinchūriki consisting of young Norwegian wonder boys Håkon Aase and Adrian Løseth Waade is set for release August 29th.

The vast FMR catalogue is now almost complete, but there are still a number of new arrivals still to come, keep an eye out for new albums!

The latest addition to the subradar label rooster is... read more


12.03 / 2016

It might not be a well known fact, but there is a substantial amount of contemporary composed music at subradar. This weekend we try and put the spotlight on some of the labels and composers of the genre. We are especially happy to be working with the Austrian Kairos label, and great Norwegian labels Simax, Aurora and +3b to name a few.

Here are few tips: read more


26.01 / 2016

Finally the second subradar sampler is ready. Here it is, one hour and 17 minutes of beautiful music:

Subradar Sampler #2

A big thank you to the artists and labels for generously donating their music, thanks!!


20.11 / 2016

The Splitter Music Festival, taking place from the 24th to the 27th of November, is a new Berlin festival for contemporary orchestral music. The four evenings at "Wabe" and "Ballhaus Ost" with over 80 artists revolve around music-making in large formats, based on the power of improvisation.

The central focus of the festival program is the Berlin-based Echtzeitmusik*- Ensemble Splitter Orchester, formed in 2010. In evolving formats and musical contexts, the orchestra performs anew every day of the festival. However, the composer-performers forming the Splitter Orchester are not the... read more


23.12 / 2015

Just a brief hello from us at subradar before the christmas season and the new year. We just want to thank all our old and costumers for support and enthusiasm over the last year. We will have even more great new releases lined up for 2016 so please stay tunes.

For those seeking the christmas spirit we can warmly recommend this brand new album by Sheriffs of Nothingness:

Silent night at the crooked forest

best wishes


24.10 / 2015

As a part of two annivsreiary box sets for Stichting WIG recordings. The albums "Gawky Stride" with the Ab Baars trio and "Galina U" with the Queen Mab Trio are now available outside their boxes on for the first time. Take the opportunity to listen and get a copy of these two great recordings as a first outside the box set in digital form. Enjoy!!