The Necks special!

Saturday, October 21, 2017 - 16:38

"....The Greatest trio on earth" - Geoff Dyer, New York Times

"There appear, through some weird alchemy of harmonics, phantom instruments. A cello? A human voice? A violin? Hearing such things, wanting to have the source of these auditory hallucinations verified, you look to see what is happening, but there are just these three middle-aged blokes, playing piano, bass and drums, conjuring things that do not exist."

These words and the full title "My Obsession With the Necks, the Greatest Trio on Earth" are by author and Necksocologist Geoff Dyer, taken from his recent article in the New York Times.

We salute this amazing band and also the article! It can hardly be said that it is every day you can see over 5000 words written on improvised music in a major international newspaper, so our hats off to you! And thus this update is dedicated entirely to the Necks.

subradar discography:
Vertigo 2015
Open 2013
Mindset 2011
Silverwater 2009
Townsville 2007
Chemist 2006
The Boys 2004
Mosquito/See Through 2004
Drive By 2003
Athenaeum, Homebush, Quay and Raab 2002
Aether 2000
Hanging gardens 1999
Piano Bass Drums 1998
Silent Night 1996
Aquatic 1994
Next 1990
Sex 1989

Photo: Robert Divers Herrick