Clean Feed albums published and new playlist curator!

Saturday, June 24, 2017 - 21:23

Hello all!
We are glad to say that we finally got the first of the new Clean Feed published this week, and more are on the way! We hope to have a steady supply of new releases from Portugal during the summer months.

And finally the first curator for new series of playlists is confirmed. We are thrilled to announce that Swedish improvisor and guitar ace David Stackenäs will be the first one to give you his recommendations:

"My playlist was chosen both out of old favourite albums that I’ve heard many times (Nude on Sands, Booklet, Great Waitress, S. Lacy), out of curiosity when browsing around for music I didn’t know in the subradar catalogue (Astro Sonic, A. Nordheim, J. Sligter) and artists whos' work I know from before but albums I didn’t get to hear yet (Sandell trio, C. Wallumrod, I. Zach). So, it turned out to be a quite diverse playlist - for your listening pleasure. Have a great summer everybody."

1. Nude on Sand - Nude on Sand - Enough with the Breathing
2. Ingar Zach - Le Stanze - Il Battio Del Vichingo
3. Astro Sonic - Come closer and I’ll tell you - Magnavox
4. Great Waitress - Lucid - Lucid
5. Sten Sandell trio - Face of Tokyo - Face up
6. Jessica Sligter - A sense of Growth - Surrounds, Surrounds Me
7. Christian Wallumrod - Kurtzam and Fugler- Haksong
8. Steve Lacy - saxophone special + 1 - 38
9. Arne Norheim - The Norheim Tapes - Collage I
10. Booklet - the 100% rabbit - Duck / Midnight Tonight / The Unseen Hand