Interview with Arne Norheim

On 19th May 2003 Julian Cowley visited Arne Nordheim at Grotten, his home in central Oslo. Nordheim was generous with his time and warmly...Read more

Great new labels and the complete No Spaghetti Recordings

The last weeks Subradar just started working with some great new labels. These are: Dutch WIG, including releases by Ab Baars and Ig Henneman; Chicago based Aerophonic records run by Saxophonist Dave Rempis; Driff records represented by Colleague Jorrit Dijkstra from Boston. And last but not least, Leo Records and Emanem from the UK, both with impressive catalogues spanning more than three decades of improvised music, including iconic figures like Anhony Braxton, Derek Bailey, Evan Parker, Rhodri Davies, Barry Guy, Spontanious music ensemble, the list goes on...