Starting on vinyl in 1974, but more notably on CD since 1995 the London-based Emanem label has been a remarkably consistent and stimulating outlet...Read more

New layout on

We've upgraded our site a bit, and the news of the day is implementing a content feed displaying all items in a random goodness on the front page. This pulls every bit of written information, such as news, articles, reviews, interviews and videos from our database, and presents them to you in a nice tiling grid with content spanning either one or two columns. You'll notice that our articles span two columns, as these are something that we are proud of and really like to show off.

Sidsel Endresen / One

Being invited inside someone’s throat is no everyday business. Nevertheless, Sidsel Endresen does exactly so on this record of exceptional voice...Read more

Vox for Mac | New recommended FLAC player

For mac users we have good news, previous problems with itunes and playing flac files are now history.

This new player plays all known file types (flac, lossless, mp4, mp3 etc etc..) and can also read files from your Itunes libirary. I just started using the Vox player and it works so well that i hope some of you can have the same positive experience i had, enjoy!

Cakewalk // Wired

This one ended up as one of my favourite albums of 2012, but Norwegian trio Cakewalk disappeared below the radar after a short while, for some...Read more

Ingar Zach / M.O.S

Being a percussionist is far from the easiest way out. Having to learn (and buy!) a hundred different instruments, always keeping perfect time,...Read more