New releases from Kairos

From mid September Kairos will start uploading some of their releases to Subradar, needless to say there will be plenty of exiting music coming up this month. Stay tuned!

Kairos, Evan Parker, Tokyo 1972 and guess who?

We are thrilled to announce that subradar will be working with Austrian recordlabel, Kairos. Kairos is one of the definitive major labels for contemporary composed music. They have worked with more than 60 composers; names like Morton Feldman, Helmut Lachenmann, Giacinto Scelsi and Salvatore Sciarrino included. Among the recorded ensembles are Berliner Philharmoniker, Ensemble Modern and Ensemble Recherche, the lists goes on and on.. Needless to say that there will be some quality recordings becoming available at subradar this fall.

Evan Parker | August 2014

Recording and performing prolifically with many collaborators, Parker was a pivotal figure in the development of European free jazz and free improvisation, and has pioneered or substantially expanded an array of extended techniques. Critic Ron Wynn describes Parker as "among Europe's most innovative and intriguing saxophonists ... his solo sax work isn't for the squeamish"

New videos and exiting labels for this autumn!

In the July issue of the “subradar meets” video series, you get the opportunity to become better acquainted with Michael Duch, one the most prominent Norwegian bass players in the realm of improvised and contemporary music. He talks about his influences from John Cage and Cornelius Cardew and how their ideas can be inflicted upon improvisation among other things.

Michael Duch | July 2014

Duch is a highly generous musician and improvisor. This is equally audible as he moves in the outskirts of reductionism, flirts with noise, engages in the domain of contemporary composition or happily endulges in the joys of free jazz.

Please enjoy this months meet, featuring: Michael Duch

Nice mention!

Nice to see that Subradar existence gets picked up around europe, here is a mention on a german music blog,


Tromsø (gesprochen Trumsö) ziemlich nördlich in Norwegen an der Nordsee gelegen, hat einen plattenladen, SUBRADAR, für spezielle, abseitige, geniale , verrückte und was es sonst noch so an Musik gibt, die viele gar keine Musik finden.


Subradar T-Shirt
As a novelty we now finally have a limited edition of Subradar t-shirts for the hardcore fans out there. Price: 15 Euro.

Kim Myhr | May 2014

Kim Myhr recently released his solo album 'All Your Limbs Singing,' and we're very happy that we can present this interview in which he explains and talks about his influences, musical approach, 4-hour long concerts and, of course, the already mentioned album.

Ivar Grydeland | April 2014

Research Fellow at The Norwegian State Academy of Music, Ivar Grydeland, talks about his projects, career and musical core values in this video shot in his parents house in April 2014.

He also talks a bit about his new solo record 'Bathymetric Modes' out on Hubro Music now.

Ivar Grydeland – A Work In Progress

“How can we know the dancer from the dance?” asked Irish poet W.B. Yeats. It’s a resonant line that raises more than one question. Can a dance be...Read more

New releases++

Hi! Here's a quick recap of the latest developments at We are currently adding a minimum of five new albums every week and are looking forward to several new releases by American and Norwegian artists. The work with presenting the complete catalogues of our associated labels continues, next up will most likely be Pnl records.