Best wishes for Christmas

Just a brief hello from us at subradar before the christmas season and the new year. We just want to thank all our old and costumers for support and enthusiasm over the last year. We will have even more great new releases lined up for 2016 so please stay tunes.

For those seeking the christmas spirit we can warmly recommend this brand new album by Sheriffs of Nothingness:

Silent night at the crooked forest

best wishes

Stichtingwig anniversary albums!

As a part of two annivsreiary box sets for Stichting WIG recordings. The albums "Gawky Stride" with the Ab Baars trio and "Galina U" with the Queen Mab Trio are now available outside their boxes on for the first time. Take the opportunity to listen and get a copy of these two great recordings as a first outside the box set in digital form. Enjoy!!


We are happy to say that most of the Mikroton recordings catalogue is now uploaded to the subradar server and will be published during this and next week, so please stay put!

Mikroton Recordings is an independent record label established in 2005 in Moscow, Russia. Founded, operated and curated by Kurt Liedwart and Serge Kolosov, Mikroton Recordings is dedicated to releasing the highest quality electroacoustic, improvised and experimental music on CD, vinyl and digital formats.

New features and site improvments

Hello and welcome back after a summer break! The people at subradar needed a bit of vacation, but are now back at full speed. During the summer there has been some new features added to the site. One is a new filter functions that allows you to search by the best selling, recently added and off course label and artist as before. Another thing that has been added is a general facelift for the layout and some header tags that hopefully will make it easier to navigate on the website. Welcome back and stay tuned for more new music thats on its way.

Summer times!

Hello all, its been a while since our last posting in this column. Just want to inform everyone that things are going great and that more new people are finding their way to subradar and getting their hands on fresh-new music. The subradar staff will be taking some well earned time off during the summer months so if people find the pace of new albums and posts in social media a bit slower, this will be the reason. We plan on being back on full tilt and with a new updated website from the middle of august.

Happy holidays!

New releases and labels!

Hello and welcome to a new year with subradar. Just two weeks ago the latest Sofa album Loner, with Ingar Zach and Miguel Angel Tolosa had its release concert in Oslo, its also available at subradar. There are also plenty of new projects lined up: New music, more video interviews, new bands and even a few surprises. Unfortunately some of the bands and labels we have been waiting for this fall has been a bit delayed, but please stick with us its on its way soon! The latest additions to the label rooster are: dEN records, End of the alphabet records and arbitrary.

Recent developments at Subradar - November 2014

We have just added two great new labels to our catalogue: Barefoot Records - based in Copenhagen, Umlaut - a collective label located in Berlin and Paris. We also have indications from Kairos that they will be ready to start uploading their catalogue soon. So please stay with us!