Sofa, Nakama, Hubro and +3db

Special label night list!

On October 7th Nakama Records, SOFA, Hubro og +3db are organizing a label night at Kunstnernes Hus in Oslo. These Norwegian labels are representing some of the most adventurous music on the scene today. They have exclusively put together a list for subradar giving us an insight in the broad range of expressions within the current alternative music scene. Harsh noise blended with field recordings, square synths and drum machines, highly unique solo performances and a microtonal piano trio, just to mention a few. Enjoy!

  • 1. December ( Michael Duch // Edges)(04:55)
  • 2. Milk Run Sky (Kim Myhr // Bloom)(10:47)
  • 3. NAPPING IN A NEGLECTED GARDEN (Philippe Lauzier // A pond in my living room)(11:25)
  • 4. Fumblefumble (Lene Grenager // Affinis Suite)(07:37)
  • 5. Correttivo (Juxtaposition // Juxtaposition)(04:39)
  • 6. till patrick modiano no. 1 (Tanaka/Lindvall/Wallumrød // 3 pianos)(01:58)
  • 7. Våren Har Aldri Begynt Så Bra (Streifenjunko // Sval Torv)(05:05)
  • 8. 07:56 (1982 // Chromola)(07:55)
  • 9. Daily Choices__Metro (Nakama // Grand Line)(14:15)
  • 10. Atmen Choir (Martin Küchen // Lieber Heiland, laß uns sterben)(12:56)

Albums in playlist: