Jim Denley

It’s very hard to choose ten tracks from the Subradar site — there is so much great and important music there. I ended up finding things I knew and a few I didn’t. All the tracks are compositions in a profound sense — there is a shock to hearing the audio, because it is genuinely unique — something new has been created. Many of the 10 tracks resist genres, obvious methodologies or meaning.

1. Luigi Nono - Caminantes… Ayacucho - track 1 - no hay caminoshay que caminar.
I like Nono’s music. He rises above the predictability of much of the European Avantgarde. I didn’t know this work. There are layers of mystery in the music - and I love the way the drums here are so punctuating - way over the top.

2. Streifenjunko - Sval Torv – track 3 Høyre, Venstre
My favourite group of the C21st? And these procedures they do, (phrasing games?), remind me of Unuit women duos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XnPh3GGykaI

3. Tilbury and Rowe - enough still not to know Disc 4 - Fourth Part
A massive listen - so rich and unknowable.

4. Peter Farrar – Avocado Track 3 - Green stripes
His playing completely redefines the instrument and proves any idea of instrumental limitation is only there because of lack of imagination and heroic effort. But this track transcends brilliant new techniques – it’s a field recording with the rain and the feedback framing the sax.

5. Dale Gorfinkel - Switches and Hose Track 1 - Switches and Hose
He creates unheard-of sonic structures. The switches and hose is one of the truly new instruments i’ve heard not using electronics — it’s a pneumatic computer of sorts.

6. Great Waitress - Lucid Track 5 - Grain
I said earlier, perhaps my favourite band of the C21st was Streifenjunko - because Great Waitress has to be there as well. Such magnificent collective music but all 3 play so well individually.

7. Microtub - Bite of the Orange Track 2 - Violet Orange
From the first seconds you know you are listening to startlingly new music which, although very difficult to play, is so simple, yet profound.

8. Sheriffs of Nothingness - A Winter's Night At The Crooked Forest – Track 1 The First Snow Queen (Chelsea Hotel)
There is almost no distinction between the two consciousnesses. The music seems to redefine what 'self' means.

9. Vilda & Inga - Silf - Track 1 Silf
This web site is so great to find new stuff. And these two play beautifully together, a little more conventionally than the Sheriffs, in that there is still a distinction between the two instruments. Interesting to compare.

10. Agnes Hvizdalek – Index just one track — index
I’m a sucker for site specificity — and this Urban field recording with sensational vocals was new to me, and really exciting. There is nothing expressionist in her vocal explorations, and they sit in the ambience like a brilliant insect.

  • 1. No Hay Caminos,Hay Que Caminar...Andrej Tarkowskij, For Seven Orchestral Group (1987) (Luigi Nono // Caminantes... Ayacucho)(24:30)
  • 2. Høyre, Venstre (Streifenjunko // Sval Torv)(07:44)
  • 3. FOURTH PART (Keith Rowe / John Tilbury // enough still not to know)(31:53)
  • 4. green stripes (Peter Farrar // Avocado)(12:51)
  • 5. switches and hose (Dale Gorfinkel // Switches and Hose)(09:40)
  • 6. Grain (Great waitress // Lucid)(03:10)
  • 7. Violet Orange (microtub // Bite of the Orange)(03:02)
  • 8. The First Snow Queen (Chelsea Hotel) (Sheriffs of Nothingness // A Winter's Night At The Crooked Forest)(05:08)
  • 9. SILFR (Vilde&Inga // Silfr)(05:30)
  • 10. Index (Agnes Hvizdalek // Index)(47:11)

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