Hernani Faustino

"Difficult choices on records is always a good thing!
At the time when most of the record stores are all gone is nice to have an independent website were we can go “digging” and spend some time listening and buying music with such open mind as you can on Subradar. My choice has no particular order.
Today i choose this records, but if it was tomorrow, for sure others will take place on this list. This is music that i love and mostly of this records i’ve been listening quite well to and its still inspiring music. I have had a chance to work for many years on record stores in Lisbon and somehow i have great memories from the time were i discovered some of this music for the first time.
Enjoy it!" - Hernani Faustino

This time subradar invited Hernani Faustino, one of the most prominent and vital bass players on the Portuguese creative jazz and improvised music scene to curate Decembers list. He has been collaborating with Portuguese and international musicians for more than 30 years and today his main working bands are RED trio, Nobuyasu Furuya Trio & Quintet, Rodrigo Amado Wire Quartet, in addition to a long list of collaborations with the crème de la crème of international improvising musicians.

  • 1. WITHDRAWAL SEQUENCE 1 (Spontaneous Music Ensemble // Withdrawal)(11:24)
  • 2. For Samuel Beckett (Morton Feldman // For Samuel Beckett)(54:36)
  • 3. Collage II (Arne Nordheim // The Nordheim Tapes: Electronic Music From The 1960's)(10:47)
  • 4. The Sun Ra Arkestra / Egypt Strut (The Sun Ra Arkestra // The Sun Ra Arkestra Meets Salah Ragab In Egypt )(06:42)
  • 5. Aether (The Necks // Aether)(01:03:49)
  • 6. THE FIRST SET - Area 1 (Anthony Braxton & Derek Bailey // First Duo Concert)(08:23)
  • 7. Gröndals Deli (Sten Sandell/Mattias Ståhl // GRANN MUSIK(neighbour Music))(04:30)
  • 8. Swedish Country (Ballrogg // Cabin Music)(08:00)
  • 9. Tales of Sadness (AMALGAM // PRAYER FOR PEACE)(14:28)
  • 10. So It Is (MIKE OSBORNE // Outback)(24:43)

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