Chris Abrahams

Here is Chris Abrahams playlist for January 2018, enjoy!

Music / Rough Toungue - Beam splitter

Audrey Chen and Henrik Munkeby Norstebo’s album is quite something. Henrik Norstebo’s meticulously realised trombone scapes combine elegantly with Audrey Chen’s extraordinary array of virtuosic formant manipulations. Always inventive, often deeply emotive, this is a beautiful duo. Very nice recordings and mastering too.

Jaune / Invisible - Xavier Charles

I’ve been lucky enough to see Xavier perform a bunch of times both in Europe and Australia. I’m a big fan of the group Dans les Arbes with Christian Wallumrød, Ingar Zach and Ivar Grydeland. Here, the clarinet performances are recorded outside of the context of the pristine recording studio. Cars, children, birds, footsteps and airplanes populate the recordings and imbue them with narrative and philosophic dimensions. It’s naturalness renders it very open as to

Fundamental Field /John Butcher and Matthew Shipp at OTO

Masterful piano solo from Matthew Shipp.

The Inhibitionist / The Inhibitionist joe williamson

High energy, outside techniques; an incredible solo album. I also love Joe’s other projects including Receptacles, the Inconvenience and his trio with Olaf Rupp and Tony Buck.

Paroles Sans Papiers / Nachtlieder. - Michael Thieke Unununium

Love this album. Field recordings, clarinet, saxophone, accordion, guitar, drums and electronics, create a strong collection of pieces. Martin Siewart and Steve Heather lend a post rock dimension to the album. I’m a big fan of Michael’s other projects not least of which are the International Nothing and The Magic ID.

Scene 5 / Scenes in the house of music - Evan Parker, Barry Guy, Paul Lytton and Peter Evans

Virtuosic encore from a great live set.

Sort Sol / Bloom - Kym Myhr

This album is like sunshine, with strummed guitar shimmering through glitches, distortions and multifarious effects. I listened to this whilst in Madeira recently, gazing over the cliff outside my hotel room at the Atlantic Ocean. I’m sure it will take me back there when I listen to it in the future. Glinting harmonics and gorgeous noise loops; beautiful melodic material. Meticulous production.

Light Green / Avocado - Peter Farah

Solo saxophone. Incredible embouchure techniques that produce all manner of acoustic, harmonic distortions and low frequency oscillation effects. Carnivalesque melodies emerge from the layered multiphonics as if shaved from the edges of turning metal wheels. Great album.

Lucid / Lucid - Great Waitress

Sinewy. emotive and mysterious. This music is very deep. Monika Brooks’ accordion, magda Mayas’ prepared piano and Laura Altman’s clarinet combine effortlessly and naturally. Packets of autonomous material coalesce and move together, evoking the first principles of music making. This trio is extraordinary.

Skive - Cor Fuhler and Jim Denley

Sydney is very lucky to have these two living in it. Cor’s use of electromagnets was a revelation to me when I first saw him perform. The combination of Jim’s inventiveness and virtuosity blurs the boundary between the experimental and the expressive, subjective statement. I get the feeling there was a lot of material to choose from when it came to compiling this album.

Photo: Laki Sideris

  • 1. music (BEAM SPLITTER // Rough Tongue)(03:05)
  • 2. Jaune (Xavier Charles // Invisible)(23:11)
  • 3. fundamental field (John Butcher, Matthew Shipp // At Oto)(14:51)
  • 4. The Inhibitionist (Joe Williamson // The Inhibitionist)(17:33)
  • 5. Paroles Sans Papiers (Michael Thieke Unununium // Nachtlieder)(04:17)
  • 6. Scene 5 (Parker/Guy/Lytton + Peter Evans // Scenes In The House Of Music)(13:48)
  • 7. Sort sol (Kim Myhr // Bloom)(07:47)
  • 8. light green (Peter Farrar // Avocado)(05:10)
  • 9. Lucid (Great waitress // Lucid)(20:24)
  • 10. SKIVE (Jim Denley and Cor Fuhler // Truancy)(19:30)

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