Kitchen Orchestra & Janove Ottesen

A collaboration between Janove Ottesen (Kaizers Orchestra) and Kitchen Orcehstra. The single was recorded live at Tou Scene in Stavanger.

JANOVE OTTESEN has released an impressing string og hit albums with his band Kaizers Orchestra. Janove has also released a solo album, produced albums by The Brigade, Kjell Reianes and Micke From Sweden and written music for the musical "Tusende Hjertet". This is his first project with Kitchen Orchestra

KITCHEN ORCHESTRA is based in Stavanger, Norway, bringing together talented and ambitious musicians from the region with international musicians and composers, through unique orchestral projects.

Our aim is to develop a sound and style of playing that explores the relationship between the individual and the collective through an improvisational approach. The orchestra works with modern improvised music in the grey area between contemporary music and jazz. We draw our members from a variety of backgrounds, like the Stavanger Symphony Orchestra, the local jazz scene, as well as graduates and teachers from the University of Stavanger.

For some time, Stavanger has produced some of Norway´s most profiled improvising musicians, a trend we seek to reflect and build on. So far, KITCHEN ORCHESTRA has established a pool of 22 professional, local musicians – with room for steady expansion. For each concert, the instrumentation typically varies from between 8-16 musicians.