Henrik Munkeby Nørstebø

Henrik Munkeby Nørstebø (born 1986 in Trondheim) is a trombonist working mostly within contemporary fields of music. Educated in improvised music and jazz from the music academies in Gothenburg (BA)
and Oslo (MA), he is now based in the Norwegian capital. An ambiguous relationship with the trombone has led him to explore both the boisterous and brassy side of the instrument, as well as it’s counterpoint in microscopic and ‘electronic’ sound possibilities. Utilizing a wide spectrum of playing techniques, from pure long tones to
noise and the almost inaudible, he often works balancing the intuitive with the precisely constructed. Nørstebø’s time is divided between his regular projects; trios As deafness increases, Lana trio, Whirl (with Tobias Delius) and Nørstebø/Strid/de Heney, duo BEAM SPLITTER (with Audrey Chen), new music ensemble “Aksiom” and the freejazzpop-band “Skadedyr”. He is also a member of several project based groups, and have appeared in a myriad of ad hoc settings. Having toured actively since 2010, he has played at clubs and festivals in more than half of the European countries, as well as in Russia and Japan. Apart from his big range of collaborations, Henrik has been working regularly with solo music since
2007. His debut record was released in 2011, and his second solo record “Melting into
foreground” is being released on SOFA in november 2015. In addition to numerous other
releases, his discography contains duo records with Swedish pianist Rasmus Borg and
Austrian sound artist Daniel Lercher.