Invisible //

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Recording location: 
Brabant sur Meuse and Châlons en Champagne
Recording date: 
Tuesday, August 3, 2010
Emmanuelle Pellegrini, Anne Pezzi, Jaques Di Donato, Ingar Zach, Ivar Grydeland, Fred Le Junter
Mastering technician: 
Thomas Hukkelberg
Mixing technician: 
Xavier Charles
Recording technician: 
Xavier Charles
  • 1. Rouge (14:12)
  • 2. Jaune (23:11)
  • 3. Orange (07:38)

Xavier Charles is an active clarinetist in the world of improvised music, known from a variety of constellations and ensembles like Dans les arbres and Contest of Pleasures. This is his first solo release for SOFA, and his first solo clarinet release.

Listening and perception are important elements in Invisible. A total openness to moment and utterance characterizes his sound explorations, where we in a poetic fashion, are led to a place where not only breath and gesture become one, but also the music and the world outside are woven together.

Xavier Charles is one of the most important clarinetists in European improvised music, and SOFA is proud to release a cd with his solo music.

Liner notes

Listening to the world is a world as vast as the world itself.
Are we just beginners in that field?
Or are we just at the beginning?
...Our ears discovering thousands of layers
of unknown sounds: vast, huge, quiet and enchanted territories...

Xavier Charles, Noirmoutier, September, 2010

Translation to english by Emmanuelle Pellegrini


Jazz Word
"Looking for full-time sonic essays in the infinite boundaries of the modern clarinet? Look no further(...)" - Ken Waxman

Le sons du grisli
"Rouge Jaune Orange font ainsi le beau dégradé d’Invisible, disque d’abstractions parti de preuves enregistrées d’un réel en déliquescence." - Guillaume Belhomme

Paris Transatlantic
"definitely one you might want to pick up in the January sales." - Dan Warburton
Charles manages to wring something new out of the «tradition», exposing some lovely facets." - Brian Olewnick

"Charles er en mester i å gripe øyeblikket, dvele ved det og gi oss sine opplevelser av det." - Tor Hammerø

Monsieur Délire
"a fascinating listen." - François Couture