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Recording date: 
Saturday, April 6, 2002
Mixing engineer: 
Thomas Hukkelberg and Ingar Zach
Recording engineer: 
Ketil Gutvik
  • 1. 01 (18:42)
  • 2. 02 (12:39)
  • 3. 03 (27:34)
  • 4. 04 (08:27)

This record presents three different tappings of TRI-DIM.

TRI-DIM was one of the first young improv groups to rise to the surface on the vital, ever growing music scene in Oslo. This is TRI-DIM's second album and it should in more than one way document the work they have been doing over thee last two years.

The first track is a live recording from Blå from April 2002. Second, a remix by Jim O'Rourke, using some of TRI-DIMs unreleased material. The two last pieces are taken from a live recording at Molde International Jazzfestival 2001, where TRI-DIM performed with the English bass player, Barry Guy.


«..de tre jakter på nye åpninger og finner utveier som skaper fornyet interesse.»
Arild Andersen

Jazz Weekly
«..modern Scandinavian improvisations played by musicians who will likely be the pacesetters of this century.»

Ken Waxman

All About Jazz
«..the ensemble pursues an organic sound, marked by inconsequential sounds and interleaving dialogue.»

Glenn Astarita

All Music Guide
«..they play exciting improv, challenging and lively.

François Couture