• 1. Themes For America No. 1 (12:38)
  • 2. Need We Ever Say Goodbye? (08:26)
  • 3. Themes For America No. 2 (19:38)
  • 4. Themes For America No. 3 (17:11)

With One Voice

Trevor Watts - alto sax
Simon Pickard - tenor sax
Liane Carroll - voice / keyboards
Veryan Weston - paino
Richard Granville-Smith - paino accordion
Liam Genockey - drums
Nana Tsiboe - African percussion
Kofi Adu - African percussion
Colin Gibson - bass guitar

Trevor Watts world famous Moire Music ensemble return with this classic 1988 recording originally released on the Arc imprint. For the first time on CD, this wonderful collection of musicians include the tenor of Simon Pickard, improv piano maestro Veryon Weston, Colin Gibson on bass, Richard Granville-Smith on piano accordian, Liam Genockey on drums, Watts'regular African percussionists Nana Tsiboe and Kofi Adu, plus the then unknown vocalist/pianist Liane Carroll. A gem!!

Album label: 
Release date: 
09.07 / 2003
Recording date: 
05.09 / 1988
Recording location: 
Recorded at the Rye Festival, Sussex, UK
Producer : Trevor Watts
Recording engineer : Andrew Tott

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