No Longer Burning //

Album label: 
Release date: 
Recording location: 
Levinsalen, Oslo and Kolbotn Church, Kolbotn
Recording date: 
Friday, March 28, 2008
Mastering technician: 
Thomas Hukkelberg
Mixing technician: 
Thomas Hukkelberg
Recording technician: 
Thomas Hukkelberg
  • 1. Gamma Ray In Slow Display (03:58)
  • 2. Clean Gasoline (03:47)
  • 3. Plutonium Blues (02:59)
  • 4. Under A Toxic Mist (03:38)
  • 5. Colored Like Coal (02:37)
  • 6. The Coldest Part Of Winter (03:00)
  • 7. Stray With Me (04:16)
  • 8. Selection Of Dead Trees (07:41)
  • 9. A Calm Radiance Of Light Or Heat (06:03)

This is the long awaited debut release of Streifenjunko. “No longer burning” presents the two Norwegians Espen Reinertsen (saxophone) and Eivind Lønning (trumpet) in 9 extraordinary pieces.

Their unique collective sound and focus during this sublime disc shows an admirable urge to explore and a desire to create new music without boundaries. The music is mature and it’s played in a natural and highly personal way. This is an example of what a longtime relationship can lead to. SOFA recommends you to pick this up!!

"Listening to Lønning and Reinertsen is a fascinating experience(...)if this is a debut release we can expect a lot - and I am waiting in anticipation."
Johan Redin, Sound of Music