• 1. THE CRUST (05:09)
  • 2. CROPS (06:43)
  • 3. THE NEW DUCK (07:36)
  • 4. PEARL STREET (07:27)
  • 5. HOOKY (08:29)
  • 6. NO BABY (04:14)
  • 7. TAO: EXISTENCE (07:07)
  • 8. TAO: THE WAY (03:47)
  • 9. TAO: BONE (05:14)
  • 10. TAO: NAME (07:30)
  • 11. TAO: THE BREATH (05:49)
  • 12. TAO: LIFE ON ITS WAY (03:29)



Soprano Saxophone – Steve Lacy

Virtually the whole of the 1976 Montreal solo concert - the best of his first North American solo tour - including the complete Tao cycle and several other pieces. 78 minutes.

Excerpts from sleeve notes:
In 1976, I co-ordinated Steve Lacy's first North American tour, which comprised solo concerts in several Canadian cities, preceded by one in New York City on March (not May) 16, subsequently issued as SNIPS (on Jazz Magnet). He also recorded two projects with Roswell Rudd in NYC - TRICKLES (on Black Saint) before the tour, and BLOWN BONE (reissued on Emanem) after. Lacy considered the Montreal concert to be the best of his solo appearances, and asked me to issue most of it on three LP sides with THE WOE as the fourth side. I issued one side (with THE WOE) in 1979, but was so disappointed with the print-through that is apparently inherent with LPs, that I did not follow up with the rest.

Returning to the master tape over twenty years later, it was found to be in remarkably good condition, considering that it was not a professional format. The imperfections were either relatively slight or correctable, so it is possible to issue this magnificent concert on CD. The one musically sub-standard moment that night occurred between HOOKY and NO BABY, when Lacy started another piece but abandoned it soon after. By omitting this incomplete item, and editing out the applause, the concert fits on to one CD in the order it was performed.

The first set of the concert consisted of individual original pieces, one of which, HOOKY, has not appeared on any other published recording, (except the earlier NYC solo concert)

The second set comprised the TAO suite plus an encore. Two 1975 performances of this suite were issued on LP. However, Lacy did not approve of either of them. The Tokyo one was relatively uninspired, while the Como one was recorded at the wrong speed and given the wrong titles. The next complete solo performance to be issued was the 1991 one that appeared on REMAINS (Hat ART). It is interesting to compare the similarities and differences between the 1976 Montreal version and the one made 15 years later.


Album label: 
Release date: 
01.07 / 2000
Recording date: 
24.03 / 1976
Recording location: 
Montreal (L'Eglise St Jean l'Evangeliste)
Artwork design : Val Wilmer & Martin Davidson
Mastering engineer : Martin Davidson
Producer : Martin Davidson

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