Nothing Particularly Horrible - Live In Bochum '93 //

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Recording location: 
Museum Bochum
Recording date: 
Sunday, October 10, 1993
  • 1. Stretchers (23:15)
  • 2. Cuism (09:46)
  • 3. Drei (04:32)
  • 4. With a big stick (06:51)

Stefan Keune - sopranino, tenor sax
John Russell - acoustic guitar
Hans Schneider - double bass
Paul Lovens - drumset, cymbals, gongs, musical saw

All pieces are composed free improvisations by Stefan Keune (GEMA), John Russell (PRS), Hans Schneider (GEMA), Paul Lovens (GEMA and PRS)
Live recording by Ansgar Ballhorn at Museum Bochum, October 10th 1993 during the Ruhr Jazz Festival
Mastered by Tim Isfort
Sleeve design by Hans Schneider
CD Photographs taken from a video by Christof Bednarz
Produced by Trevor Taylor in collaboration with Po Torch Records

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