• 1. Home Soil (05:37)
  • 2. Papalla Juice (02:19)
  • 3. Pok Tar (07:02)
  • 4. Ice Salt (06:09)
  • 5. Waroon (01:24)
  • 6. Heart Of Targ (05:44)
  • 7. Ambassador Sarek (01:50)
  • 8. Tarvokian Pound Cake (03:08)
  • 9. Arcturian Fizz (02:36)

Encounter At Farpoint

Daniel Meyer Grønvold-prepared objects and electronics
Klaus Ellerhusen Holm-clarinet/saxophone and feedback

Daniel and Klaus first played together during a promotion concert for the all ears improvised music festival in Oslo in January 2010. Shortly after this they started their collaboration and have since then been working together on a regular basis. The music of the duo mostly focuses on different forms of interference between the clarinet or saxophone and Grønvolds different tone generators and sine waves and result in a rich spectrum of sounds, this is the basic focus of the duo. The duo sound can often contain transparent and very quiet parts, percussive and rhythmic like passages and also massive, drone like parts.

Album label: 
Release date: 
06.06 / 2012
Recording date: 
14.05 / 2011
Recording location: 
Akustisk institutt, Sjokoladefabrikken

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