Silencers //

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Release date: 
Recording date: 
Saturday, December 12, 2009
Mastering engineer: 
Jim Denley
Mixing engineer: 
Etienne Bultingaire
  • 1. Les Rives (08:54)
  • 2. En Turbulence (14:09)
  • 3. Embrasées (05:19)
  • 4. Spires (09:53)
  • 5. Encerclés (03:42)

Silencers consists of France’s much acclaimed pianist Benoit Delbecq, Norwegian guitarist Kim Myhr, french percussionist Toma Gouband and trumpeter Nils Ostendorf from Berlin. The quartet has played numerous concerts together since 2006, and Balance des blancs is their long awaited debut release.

Kim Myhr approached Delbecq during a parisian sojourn in the summer of 2006, and Benoit later said it was like meeting a musical cousin. Six months later, Silencers played their first concert in Paris. The four musicians have slowly taken their time to develop the ensemble sound. The result is an astonishingly rich ensemble with an exciting new world of sounds.

The music itself flows dexteriously between fragile sounds and large, open spaces to more densely articulated structures. The minute attention to detail attests to the sensitivity of the musicians: every little sound is important and has the potential to lead the music in new directions.

Benoit Delbecq is a highly acclaimed french pianist.His latest trio and solo cds were given “best of 2010” in both New York Times and Le Monde. Kim Myhr is a guitarist with a steadily growing reputation around the world, as part of MURAL, his work for Trondheim Jazzorkester and many other projects. Toma Gouband is releasing his first solo percussion cd on Evan Parker’s label Psi this autumn. His unique use of rocks, stones and flora adds a very strong color to the Silencers’ sound. Nils Ostendorf is a trumpetplayer based in Berlin, involved in many projects there and is also producer/composer for Thomas Ostermeier’s theatre plays at the Schaubühne.

The Silencers is a fresh wind in improvised music, and they keep puzzling audiences with their forceful, yet soft and strangely moving music.

«Balances des Blancs» åpner opp en klangverden av fremmed herkomst. -

Svein Magnus Furu

Le plaisir que prend l'auditeur à se perdre dans cres paysages oniriques ramène directement à l'enfance, aux sources de l'imaginaire. --

Stephane Ollivier

Free Jazz Blogspot
It is no surprise that the album's title is «Balance des Blancs» (white balance) a photographic term for the various shades of white that can be given to a picture. Our eye perceives all these whites as white, but when put next to each other, the differences become apparent.


Nordische Musik
Eine fragile Ästhetik, die vibriert und dahinschwebt wie ein Hauch von Jazz.

IJ Biermann

Bergens Tidende nydelig neddempet lydbilde hvor instrumentenes trakteres godt utenfor lærebøkene...

Stephan Meidell

Et ensemblesound med sterk karakter -

Arild R. Andersen

Olewnick Blogspot
Achieves, at least on occasion, a rather amazing amount of success.

Brian Olewnick