• 1. NAUGAHYDE (34:00)
  • 2. SPANDEX (23:57)

Weird Weapons

Double Bass – Joe Williamson
Guitar – Olaf Rupp
Percussion – Tony Buck

Three musicians, from three different continents and three different backgrounds, happened to be living in Berlin a few years ago, and managed to make superb music together. Two extended dense improvisations by Rupp (guitar), Williamson (double bass) and Buck (percussion) without any amplification or electronics. 58 minutes.

Excerpts from sleeve notes:
I think the three of us in the trio try to achieve a kind of stillness through density and a certain degree of activity. Like the many complex colours and shadings in a pointillist painting that combine to form an impressionistic image, our playing is often very active and busy, while, in totality, creating a slowly shifting, almost three dimensional texture or soundscape. It could be seen as akin to the optical 3-D pictures that have been popular in the last few years, or the pixels in different resolution of digital photography. Another analogy might be the trio seen as a large quiet organism made up of millions of restless cells all working together to create the whole. I think in this way we achieve a kind of minimal/maximal contrast that I find unique to this trio, one which is certainly different to any other group playing I do.

TONY BUCK (2005)
Olaf Rupp was born in Saarlouis (near the western edge of Germany) in 1963. As an autodidact at the age of twelve he started to play what we might call today Improvised or Instant Music, and he has always returned there after several excursions into other fields. In the nineties he mainly played electric guitar and his own setup of electronics. He has now come back to the acoustic guitar, developing some traditional playing techniques (like rasgueados, arpeggios and tremolos) in such a way that they can be used for new cluster effects to create density. His use of these sound materials is still influenced by his experience in electronics. Three solo albums have been published on FMP and GROB.

Joe Williamson was born in Vancouver (near the western edge of Canada) in 1970. He studied music at McGill University of Montreal from 1989 to 1990 and then moved to Europe in 1992 where he lived for three years in Amsterdam, six years in Berlin, and is now in London for three years.

Tony Buck was born in Sydney (near the eastern edge of Australia) in 1962. After graduating from the New South Wales Conservatorium of Music, he became very involved in the jazz scene in Australia, often touring with visiting international artists as well as local musicians. Following time spent in Japan, where he formed PERIL with Otomo Yoshihide and Kato Hideki, Tony moved to Europe, and has involved himself in many projects there, including the development of new 'virtual' MIDI controllers at STEIM in Amsterdam. He is probably best known as one third of The Necks.
If nothing else, this CD proves that three such diverse musicians can make superb music together as one.

Album label: 
Release date: 
01.01 / 2005
Recording date: 
04.09 / 2002
Recording location: 
Artwork design : Olaf Rupp & Martin Davidson
Mastering engineer : Olaf Rupp
Recording engineer : Olaf Rupp

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