• 1. Improvisation One (16:02)
  • 2. Improvisation Two (09:25)
  • 3. Improvisation Three (07:34)
  • 4. Improvisation Four (26:11)
  • 5. Improvisation Five (15:11)


Mark Wastell - Cello [Violoncello]
Roger Curphy - Double Bass
Trevor Taylor (2) - Percussion, Electronics
Philipp Wachsmann - Violin, Electronics
Carol Ann Jackson- Voice

Formed in early 1995, this quintet quickly developed a freely improvised sound that is both lyrical and abstract. The three string players produce a complex web of sound - each musician alternating between Arco and pizzicato, applying extended instrument technique. The percussion acts as a mediator between each musical twist and turn - whether subtly underlying a vocal passage or pushing the ensemble to a spine tingling crescendo.

Album label: 
Release date: 
01.12 / 1995
Recording date: 
17.08 / 1995
Recording location: 
Recorded At The White House, Essex

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