Avocado //

Album label: 
Release date: 
Recording location: 
Tempe Jets
Recording date: 
Monday, December 1, 2014
to Jim Denley, Laura Altman, Romy Caen and Brand X.
Artwork design: 
Clare Cooper
Mastering engineer: 
Mij Yelned
  • 1. light green (05:10)
  • 2. avocado (15:19)
  • 3. green stripes (12:51)
  • 4. white (03:29)

Peter Farrar - alto sax, electronics, field recordings

Four traks of solo playing, three of which, 'light green', 'avocado' and 'white' use alto sax with preparartions. The third track 'green stripes' uses the sax again but with electronic feedback. All traks are also to some extent field recordings involving the environment of the recording space of Tempe Jets, with rain clearly evident and the sound of Sydney Airport not far away.

There is a sense of the pioneering virtuosic, and a sense of naïve and random speculation. There is a casual approach to performance and also at times long sections of circular breath intensity. You think you are listening to a classic solo instrumental album and then track 3 (green stripes) becomes a field recording with rain and distant jets. Always there is a rigorous focus on the materiality of the sonic phenomena he is releasing.