• 1. Listen 99 (39:00)
  • 2. Listen 99 bis (03:44)
  • 3. Listen 99 ter (05:03)
  • 4. Listen 89 (19:06)



Double Bass, Sticks, Hand Cymbal, Small Drum, Small Penny Whistle – Paul Rogers

The whole of Rogers' sensational double bass solo set at the 1999 Le Mans festival, plus an equally fine 19-minute performance recorded 10 years earlier in a London pub. 67 minutes

Excerpts from sleeve notes:
I never have much to say about what I do, other than listen to the music.
In the concert in '99, I used a five-string bass, plus sticks, a small hand cymbal, a small drum, and a small penny whistle. In the concert in '89, I used a four-string bass.

The first time I saw Paul Rogers play (following my return to England in 1988) was an amazing (unamplified) duo concert with Evan Parker, which unfortunately went unrecorded. I think the second time was the earlier of the two performances included on this CD. Fortunately, Andy Isham did record this pub gig, and recently sent me a copy of the recording, which went to show that it was as sensational as I remembered it to be. In the next few years, before he relocated to France, I often saw and heard Rogers performing brilliantly with Evan Parker, usually in the trio with Mark Sanders.

About the same time I received the 1989 recording, Rogers sent me a copy of his 1999 Le Mans festival solo performance, which he considered to be his best solo performance to date. It certainly is as good as anything I've heard. So it seemed to make sense to combine these two magnificent performances, and the end result is LISTEN.

Album label: 
Release date: 
01.01 / 2002
Recording date: 
01.05 / 1999
Recording location: 
1-3 Le Mans 1999; 4 London 1989
Artwork design : Debra Franses-Bean & Martin Davidson
Mastering engineer : Martin Davidson
Recording engineer : Jean-Marc Foussat (1-3) & Andy Isham (4)

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