• 1. Dreamtime (09:11)
  • 2. Warning (09:37)
  • 3. Call An Elephant (14:54)
  • 4. Frame Drum & Bagpipes (06:39)
  • 5. It Dawned On Me (05:19)
  • 6. Sacred Hymn (07:30)

The Dreamtime Suite

Paul Dunmall - tenor and alto sax, penny whistle, bagpipes
Percy Pursglove - trumpet, bagpipes
Steve Tromans - piano
Dave kane - double bass
Hamid Drake - drums, frame drums

This gig was part of a very short three-date tour, assembled by Birmingham promoter Tony Dudley-Evans. Saxophonist Paul Dunmall's free jazz and improvising eminence has now cloaked the entire globe, so his regular Stateside tours have helped forge relationships with some of his finest American counterparts. The Chicagoan drummer Hamid Drake is one of these sonic allies, and a further collaboration between the pair is destined for natural success, both of them being powerful and thoughtful in equal proportions. Dunmall has penned an extended work for this gig in the intimate, and very nearly sold out Hexagon Theatre, The Dreamtime Suite retaining a free- form mien even though set within a pre-determined structure.

Album label: 
Release date: 
01.12 / 2016
Recording date: 
05.10 / 2016
Recording location: 
Recorded at Lantern Room, Colston Hall, Bristol
Producer : Paul Dunmall
Recording engineer : Chris Trent

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