• 1. I',m (05:46)
  • 2. Imp (10:37)
  • 3. Impro (18:14)
  • 4. Improv (14:13)
  • 5. Improvise (08:37)


Ashley John Long - Double Bass, Electronics
Philip Gibbs - Electric Guitar, Electronics
Paul Dunmall - Saxophone, Electronic Wind Instrument [EWI], Flute
Trevor Taylor (2) - Vibraphone [Vibes], Percussion [Electronic Percussion], Electronics, Producer [Produced For FMR By]

Recorded in Cardiff School of music on the 13th of Feb 2016 this cd contains wonderful improvisations of both electronic and pure acoustic nature and introduces a major new voice in the music, the wonderful virtuosic playing of bassist Ashley Long who shines on the 5 tracks

Album label: 
Release date: 
05.10 / 2016
Recording date: 
13.02 / 2016
Recording location: 
Recorded at Cardiff School of Music, Cardiff,
Mastering engineer : Ashley John Long
Producer : Trevor Taylor

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