• 1. Culius (11:59)
  • 2. Motfølge (08:44)

First Blow

One of the most innovative, dynamic and versatile drummers in jazz composes his own dream-group.

Paal Nilssen-Love has hand-picked some of the young musicians he finds the most interesting. They are musicians from a wide span; some have played together before, and some have never met before. This band has been born in cooperation with Eldbjørg Raknes' Sjøbygda Kunstarhus.

Album label: 
Release date: 
01.12 / 2013
Recording date: 
18.07 / 2013
Recording location: 
Recorded live in concert at Molde Jazzfestival
Artwork design : Lasse Marhaug
Mixing engineer : Lasse Marhaug
Recording engineer : Håkon Dalen

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