• 1. Phacthio (15:40)
  • 2. Yinothanot (17:43)
  • 3. Egokrlo-nar (04:43)
  • 4. Gwendol ap Siencyn (19:32)

Check for Monsters

Cello – Okkyung Lee
Piano – Steve Beresford
Trumpet, Piccolo – Peter Evans

Cellist Lee organised this trio with Evans on trumpets and Beresford on piano for a mini-tour. This CD contains music from two of their four concerts - in New York City and Philadelphia. Although they had not played together before as a trio, they manage to sound like a long-standing improvising group, with much togetherness and listening to each other - finding numerous ways to complement each other. The music is often very dense or fast, but they do frequently come back down to earth. Anyone who either likes or dislikes any of the participants is bound to enjoy this music which showcases both the individuals and the group. 58 minutes.

Excerpts from sleeve notes:
in the spring of 2007, my dear friend and film maker andrew lampert was invited to do a piece at the kill your timid notion festival in dundee, scotland, and formed a trio with steve and i along with the great mark sanders to play our versions of classic gershwin songs to his images… over that short period of time we were over there, steve and i had a great time not just playing but also wandering around the town of dundee – such exploring is also one of my specialities…

then not too long after, i believe it was that following summer that steve came over to new york and while we were having lunch together, we thought 'wouldn’t that be nice to do a birthday concert together in our birth month…?' then it turned out andy happened to be scheduled to curate first 2 weeks of march at the stone in new york…

we both got very excited and started to organize the practical matters and thought we needed one more person to round up the group… just in case things don’t work out with only two of us… we both knew peter and thought he would be a great person to play and hang out with… then fate had its twist and andy had to move his curatorship to may, but elliott sharp who was curating march was generous enough to keep our date in march… then jim staley from roulette gave us a date to help bring steve over… then we added a couple more concerts to do a mini tour…

so it seems everything somehow began with very vague ideas and somehow it all became true and now here’s the cd…
okkyung lee (2008)

Album label: 
Release date: 
01.01 / 2009
Recording date: 
14.03 / 2008
Recording location: 
New York City (1-3), Philadelphia (4)
Artwork design : Peter Evans / Martin Davidson
Mastering engineer : Martin Davidson
Mixing engineer : Jim Staley
Recording engineer : Matthew Mehlan / Eugene Lew

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