• 1. Vowel (05:19)
  • 2. Bring It Back (03:58)
  • 3. Enough With The Breathing (04:13)
  • 4. It Don't Burn (04:29)
  • 5. Running Down My (06:03)
  • 6. Body Tambourines (04:01)
  • 7. Enough With The Breathing II (03:41)

Nude On Sand

"The sparse Nude on Sand shows that even bare bones can create an impact."
The Arts Desk, Kieron Tyler

"A sort of pandoras box of musical elements. Very exciting!"
Dagavisen, Oda Faremo Lindholm

Musically, their debut album is stripped, but not minimalist. There are few formal restrictions, allowing the music to shift with a SNAP from naive blues, spoken word and completely fragmented pop songs. The lyrics follow these abrupt shifts with endearing absurdity, representing the blogosphere as much as poetry. The result is essentially vulnerable, exposing a youthful, Beckett-like nakedness.

Album label: 
Release date: 
06.01 / 2012
Recording date: 
01.08 / 2010
Recording location: 
Sagene Kulturverksted

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