• 1. WHITE STRING'S ATTACHED 1 (formerly 2) (13:48)
  • 2. WHITE STRING'S ATTACHED 2 (formerly 1) (27:22)
  • 3. WHITE STRING'S ATTACHED 3 (complete) (17:52)

White String's Attached (speed corrected)

Upright Piano – Steve Beresford (tracks: 1 to 3)
Violin – Nigel Coombes

These 1979 duo concert performances were generally considered, by a handful of people, to be the most significant advance in violin & piano music for around 200 years. Eugene Chadbourne considers the music to be demented, so you know it must be very special. He went on to say: 'These duets are, above all, truly enjoyable to listen to. The timing is uncanny, as is the sense of drama.' Reissue of Bead LP 16 with 6 more duo minutes plus a 12 minute violin solo. 75 minutes.

Excerpts from sleeve notes:
Steve Beresford and I first played as a duo at what was meant to be a Four Pullovers concert. The combination of piano and violin might appear to be an obvious one, but this is not the case. In the early concerts, it never occurred to us for Steve to use a piano instead of his objects, and when finally he did use the instrument we did not consider the fact that composers from Haydn onwards had immense difficulty with the medium. Beethoven went through such traumas at trying to make the instruments blend, marrying the percussive sounds of the piano with the singing qualities of the violin, that he gave up after only ten sonatas. Countless composers have tried since to contrive some kind of homogeneity out of the instruments only to prove that the combination is immitigable.

This, I think, explains why the two instruments on this record sound as if they hate each other. For us to try and surmount Beethoven's problems, for example, in the heat of trying to make the music up as we go along is almost laughable. Rather the music could almost be considered a depiction of his problems at trying to write his ten sonatas.

Album label: 
Release date: 
21.09 / 2014
Recording date: 
20.05 / 1979
Recording location: 
London LMC - 1979 March, May & June
Artwork design : David Toop / Martin Davidson
Mastering engineer : Martin Davidson
Producer : Martin Davidson
Recording engineer : David Toop / Max Eastley

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